We think clarity and usefulness are the most important aspects of a good social impact measure. Impact Track offers a simple and comprehensive approach to measuring social impact based on recognized methodologies, practices and indicator databases, in particular:

Impact Management Project (IMP)

The IMP is a forum for building global consensus on how to measure, manage and report on impact. Impact Track is part of the IMP community which brings expertise and experience. The content and pictograms of the impact page are based on the IMP elements (Link).

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The SDGs are a global call to action to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all human beings live in peace and prosperity. We believe that the 17 Objectives can bring value to an organization’s communication with its clients, investors and other stakeholders. Thus, Impact Track allows projects to demonstrate their link with ODDs (Link).

Social Value International

Social Value International is the pioneering global network focused on social impact with the common goal of changing the way society represents value. Impact Track aims to integrate the 7 Principles of Social Value which provide basic elements for all those who want to improve their positive impacts and manage negative ones (Link).


IRIS is an initiative of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), which brings together a catalogue of more than 500 indicators to measure social, environmental and financial performance. Impact Track uses IRIS to enrich its list of indicators and propose only those that are relevant for each project (Lien).

Theory of Change

The Theory of Change or Impact Value Chain is a method that helps to clarify the cause-and-effect relationship between the activities carried out and the impact envisioned by the organization. This model is useful both for planning and communicating impact. Impact Track uses this methodology to help the user describe the impacts he or she generates.