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Measure, manage and communicate your social and environmental impact

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Impact track, the platform that facilitates the management of your social and environmental impact.

Whether you are a portfolio manager or a mission-oriented organization, our platform adapts to your profile so you can measure and manage what really matters.

Manage what really matters

You can focus on managing your impact, in full autonomy. We will bring you the methodologies and all necessary tools to do so.

How does it work?

Define your indicators and your impact framework

Follow the guide! Step by step, define the links between your activities and your impacts, and set goals. Save time: our technology will help you identify the most relevant indicators for your project.

Track and improve your impact

Collect data directly from your beneficiaries, customers and other stakeholders. Follow your results in real time: Impact Track compiles them automatically.

Value your impact and engage with partners

Create a clear and transparent impact summary in just a few clicks. Share it and strengthen your relationship with partners and future supporters.

Discover their impacts

They use Impact Track to measure their social impact and share their outcomes and impacts with you, transparently (yes, the data updates in real time!).


Violaine Rodriguez-Lafrasse

Development and acceleration director


Impact Track is the only French impact measurement tool that makes entrepreneurs autonomous, in control of their strategy management, with simplicity and proven methodologies.

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