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Steer impact in multi-projects

Manage the impact of your projects on a single tool

On a single tool specifically dedicated to impact measurement, you can create your common framework, your personalized frameworks for each project, collect and analyze data. Steer the impact of the program at the global level and at the individual level, project by project. Data aggregation, real-time management... everything is done to facilitate your steering without creating a gas factory.

Encourage the sharing of experiences

Thanks to semi-collective support, the projects of the same program are trained and exchange together on their approach and activities. They are invited to provide collective feedback on the common framework to continue to improve it, while maintaining a spirit of synthesis in order to reach a consensus. Formative moments promoting internal communication in order to federate project leaders.

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The platform

• Customize your impact framework centrally and harmoniously • Enable all your projects to easily collect data • Drive your results aggregated or by project • Valorize project results

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Training and support

• A pragmatic and concrete training-action program, specially designed to meet the needs of your project holders and empower them to become autonomous • Individually or in small groups: we adapt to your project volume and schedule

Our team is here to help you measure your impact on the Impact Track platform.

Expertise and strategy

• We have developed a methodology to co-create and test a common framework with project holders for the program. Our approach allows for measuring impact at the thematic and/or territorial level. • We also collaborate with leading specialized consulting firms to meet your specific needs

Essec Business School, Groupe SOS Consulting, Citizing, Koreis, Social Innovatie Fabriek are among the partners we work with to meet your specific needs.


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What they say

The Impact Track tool is a great compromise between simplicity and rigor of monitoring. Beyond the improved reporting it allows, it is above all a good pretext for discussion with project leaders and for building a long-term relationship. The endowment fund is no longer just a "financier", it becomes a partner capable of strengthening the skills of the association.

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