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As a solidarity enterprise of social utility (ESUS), our mission is to make impact measurement useful and accessible to all actors in the general interest sector. Thanks to our platform, our training-action courses and our consultants, we help organizations internalize their social impact measurement. Our solutions allow you in particular:

  • to centralize and simplify your approach with an intuitive and efficient tool
  • to develop skills on impact measurement issues
  • to be guided and advised throughout your journey

Our solutions adapt to your needs

The platform

Customize your impact framework • Create your personalized framework • Easily collect data • Measure and manage your results • Showcase and share your impact

View of a dashboard on the Impact Track platform: it allows you to customize the graphs for each indicator.

Training and support

Whether you have already conducted a social impact measurement or not, our training-action programs adapt to your needs and support you in conducting your impact measurement on the Impact Track platform. • Enhance your skills on the theoretical and practical issues of social impact measurement. • Co-create your framework with our teams and partners. • Become a practitioner of impact measurement. • Our trainings are eligible for financing by your OPCO.

Our team is here to help you measure your impact on the Impact Track platform.

Expertise and strategy

If you are a multi-project actor, an impact strategy brings coherence and integrates your impact measurement into the overall strategy of your organization. Save time and resources by making decisions based on objective data. • Manage the impact of your project portfolio with centralized evaluation frameworks and by aggregating data. • Empower projects by equipping them with a simple and intuitive solution.

Essec Business School, Groupe SOS Consulting, Citizing, Koreis, Social Innovatie Fabriek are among the partners we work with to meet your specific needs.


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We cannot imagine thinking about the development of a project without thinking about its impact. The social impact assessment is the mirror of our actions on the ground, providing a real vision thanks to quantitative and qualitative data and valuable verbatims. The impact page is a readable and understandable medium that goes straight to the point.

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